Inuit Sculptor, Angus Kaanerk Cockney
'Angatkot' - Magic Flight of the Shaman,
Photo:Daren Galo. Image of this piece was
Used as NorthwesTel™ Cover Art.
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Engaging Stories

Inuit sculptor and multimedia artist, Angus Kaanerk Cockney, has authored several facinating stories and articles for magazines, newspapers and for support to his lectures and speaking tours. A sampling of these stories is available for download in PDF format from this page:

The Lore Of Inukshuks, An Arctic Heritage In Stone
...It was early July. The sun’s heat rose and blurred the tundra. The wind was brisk and the sky was blue. My slow, steady pace was a reminder of my middle age. Sweat was beading down my forehead as I paused to catch my breath before my next uphill stride. I glanced at the summit: it was not far...
Diary Of A Long Polar Day
...The mountain ranges of Ellesmere Island have dwindled as I look south towards Cape Columbia, Canada’s northernmost point of land. But the land is no longer my concern: we are walking on the frozen Arctic ocean, and we are surrounded only by snow and ice...

Into The Village Of Nanuk
...Armed with skis, snowmobiles, a camera and a story from my grandfather, I perceived a truth about the great white bear. My grandfather, Nugliak, was born in 1895 in the Mackenzie Delta region of the Northwest Territories. His life encompassed the transition from the ancient traditions of the hunt to the development of what we know as the modern Arctic...
...One of the stories told an ancient tale about polar bears, Nanuk, which I’ll retell here to the best of memory...