Inuit Sculptor, Angus Kaanerk Cockney
'Halfmoon' - by Angus Kaarnerk Cockney.
Stone Sculpture

Inuit (Eskimo) sculpture has a perception of being made out of soapstone. While that is true for earlier sculptures that were marketed, artists today use other stones to create artworks.. Certainly I do. While it was great to learn on soapstone with its softness, I’ve graduated to using harder stones such as marble and limestone.

Living in the south, I now obtain my stone from what I see in the ditches. That is, when I see nice stone when driving, I pick it up and make something out of it. You could say, I see creative opportunities in the ditches. Still, at times, I need to buy stone especially for major commissions where there is a need to ensure quality and detail. That said, my favorite stone is Carrere marble from Italy; the same stone Michaelangelo used. Its quality is unsurpassed for carving. Need I say more?


Major Art Commissions

As you will see in this section, I have used a number of different materials for major art commissions including, steel, stone, glass, and digital imaging. As an artist, the process of creating is fulfilling an idea to fruition in whatever material fits the message or desired outcome. Enjoy.


Arctic Photographs by Angus Kaarnerk Cockney

What can I say about reaching the geographic North Pole in 1989 - the top of the world? ...What else but an opportunity open door. You can choose to take it or leave it. Most would leave it but I chose to take it. Was I ready betcha!

Take advantage of hearing my story in your boardroom or classroom. How did my trip relate to real-life values of setting goals, being committed, perseverance with the ultimate in performance. Would I choose to experience -50c in temperature? betcha!